At Hidden Gym, we love to move! We love to challenge ourselves mentally and physically and firmly believe that health, personal wellbeing and exercise is for every body type. Considering everybody should be able to access them in a welcoming, relaxed and fun environment.

“Forget your standard workout routine and discover different ways to move your mind, body and soul”.

Want to boost your energy and creativity? Your workout doesn’t need to be the same every time, so why should the space be? We invite you to train at our hidden gems, different and unexpected spaces around the city. Join us on rooftops, in churches, cellars, on the beach, on a farm or even at the disco.

Pop-Up Workouts

Our workout sessions are for everyone: from beginners to experience athletes. We’ve created a wide range of creative workouts  that allows you to train on different locations around the city. Our pop-up workouts are fresh, playful and suit everyone’s interests no matter their fitness level.

“And just like our first born ‘Rave Yourself Fit’, each and every one of them is completely and utterly unique”.

If you are serious about working out and having a laugh we are happy to accommodate. Forget your standard workout routine and discover different ways to move your mind, body and soul. Join us, and see for yourself that the last thing we will ever be is boring!


Benjamin Gomes has been working in the event and fitness industry since 2010. After having gone through his own life transformation at an early age, he launched himself into a career in his area of passion, health events and fitness.

He started off as a fitness instructor and bootcamp trainer. In 2015, Benjamin opened his own personal training company called Breek Gewoontes Coaching. There he offers nutrition programs, personal training and small group training.

Most recently, Benjamin created Hidden Gym and puts on health events, festival games and pop-up workouts at ‘hidden gem’ location throughout The Hague. With new workouts and concepts constantly popping up, Hidden Gym provides workouts and events to suit every taste.

The pursuit is to bring all types of people together from the various fitness and wellness communities to celebrate the joy that health and fitness bring to people’s lives. The ultimate goal of Benjamin is to create a strong, health-minded community by empowering and uniting people through fitness!

Personal training

Our PT’s, with their different styles, specialise in core strengthening, functional training, body sculpting and high intensive cardio burning programs designed to inspire you and dramatically raise your fitness level from a strength and endurance perspective.

At Hidden Gym we are committed to your fitness, health and nutrition. With creative and well thought out sessions our personal trainers will ensure that you surpass all expectations and reach goals you never thought possible. Mail us for a  free trial session!