Hidden Gym Crawl - Hidden Gym

With our very own Hidden Gym Crawl we offer three tailor made classes on surprising locations for private, company or teambuilding events. For companies with sport-minded people who are up for a crazy bike ride, there is the Hidden Gym Crawl! Think of a pub crawl, but healthy.

In our fitness crawls, we will hit up gyms instead of local bars. An amazing fitness adventure to perfect the body, calm the mind and energize the soul. Together with the Crawl instructor you will spend the day cycling and take three 45 to 60-minute classes at different locations.

So, whether you’re looking for thrilling sport experiences to help a team to bond, getting married or about to, or if you’re celebrating a birthday or an anniversary, we offer fun and creative classes to get people engaged and moving. 

From Beer Yoga to dancing Michael Jackson’s Thriller or from a rollerskating class called Roll Yourself Fit to Blindfolded Yoga. We offer a wide range of creative dance, yoga and fitness classes on surprising locations for a very powerful and enjoyable experience.

Get ready for a workout experience like no other and join us to explore different ways to stay fit while having fun at the same time! In consultation with you we make sure we get the perfect crawl that is just right for your company and the occasion!

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