We also offer tailor made workouts or workshops for private events, work events, teambuilding, and festivals. So, whether you’re getting married or about to, if you’re celebrating a birthday or an anniversary, we offer fun workshops to get people engaged and moving.

Whether you want a relaxing Yoga workout, the ‘Hidden Gym Crawl’ or a ‘Rave Yourself Fit’ class, in consultation with you we make sure we get the perfect pop-up workout or workshop just right for the occasion.


Hidden Gym brings your team together with the shared aim of improving fitness, eating well and getting the most out of life and work! More and more companies are realizing that, for improved business performance, health & wellbeing should form a fundamental part of the strategy of your organization.

Bring your tribe together with fitness and fun, or peace and relaxation. Partner with Hidden Gym to host a group class, private, or semi-private lesson in your own community or residence. Hidden Gym can host a one-time event or a series of classes, scheduled at your convenience. Just let us know where and we’ll bring the Hidden Gym experience to you.

Don’t have a spot? We’ll help you find one!


Hidden Gym is the first of his kind and magnitude who create, innovate, adapt and collaborate to produce unforgettable experiences on festivals. Through genuine connections and a unique approach to festivals, Hidden Gym give life to all parties, deliver a high amount of fun to festival fields and bring out the very best in brands and brand experiences.

We make people smile while having fun! Creating shareable moments through a highly talented community of pop-up workout instructors, games teams, dancers, DJ’s and more. Hidden Gym provides a great team of creators with good vibes at the heart of festival. We have visited Solar Festival, Indiburn, Zeeheldenfestival, Surfana, Jazzfestivals and many more. Are you next?